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Whether you’re new to teaching or looking to make a change, we have resources to help you start your journey teaching English abroad off on the right foot. Learn how to be a better teacher for your international students, land the teach abroad job of your dreams, and make the transition to life abroad. We’re here to help every step of the way, from TEFL/TESOL certification that will qualify you for jobs around the world to vetting TEFL employers, so you can find a legitimate job in a foreign country. Embrace the adventure. We’ll help with the rest!

Photo Blog: Teaching English in Costa Rica

This blog post was written by guest writer and EFL teacher, Caitlin Peterson, graduate of the Bridge IDELT course. My name is Caitlin, and since getting my TEFL certification, I have been teaching English at a school in Costa Rica, called Politécnico Internaciónal, since September 2013. There are two locations-one in Heredia and one in […]

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Teaching English in Argentina: The Inside Scoop with Lauren Davis

Lauren could be described as a typical EFL teacher in many ways, yet the route she took led her to places she might not have anticipated!  After she graduated college, she left Boulder, Colorado, to teach English abroad.  After completing a year-long teaching contract in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she moved to New Orleans for a […]

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Teaching English in the Caribbean: Read This Before You Decide!

Having just returned from Playa del Carmen, Mexico, I got a firsthand look at the CELTA training center there on the Caribbean Coast, and also got to know the town of Playa during my week-long visit. After that experience, I’m here to warn you, this may not be the place for you if you are considering teaching […]

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Don’t Be Afraid to Discover the World for Yourself

This post was written by Susan McVey. This quote reminds me very much of the first time I decided to go abroad. I was only 19, and very impressionable and listened closely to advice. I have since realized that people often give advice about things they haven’t experienced or know little about. It may sound […]

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TEFL in Asia

Culture Shock Teaching in Asia: Brooke’s Experience

  Brooke is a graduate of the University of Iowa. She had the opportunity to work with young students in Japan for just under three months. I asked her to speak about her culture shock in regards to living and teaching in Asia and what she took away from her experience. Here is what she […]

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Four Fun Things To Do When Teaching English in Tunisia

  I am always surprised that we don’t get more inquiries about teaching English as a foreign language in Tunisia. With its mild climate and Mediterranean beaches, it easily rivals many other locations with its beauty and offers so many wonderful places explore. After living there for four years, here are a few of my […]

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English teacher in Costa Rica

My First Teaching Job in Costa Rica!

For those just getting started on their journey toward teaching abroad, it can be helpful to hear from those who have “been there.” My very first TEFL job was in Costa Rica, a country that has remained popular with teachers over the years, and in telling you how I made it happen, I hope I […]

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The TEFL Trap – Breaking Out of the English Bubble

So, you’ve completed your TEFL certification course, you’ve moved abroad, and you’ve landed a job teaching English. However, you find yourself speaking English all day, hanging out with English–speaking expats, and reading English language newspapers. Sound familiar? Many EFL teachers find themselves in this situation and have difficulty breaking out of this English bubble. Here […]

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Top 5 Favorite (& Adopted) Superstitions from Ukraine

This post was written by Matthew Clark A few months into teaching English abroad in Ukraine I had experienced firsthand several cultural superstitions.  Some of them really stretched my comfort level, most were charming.  Below are my favorites. 1. It’s not not uncommon for a mother to fasten a safety pin on her baby’s clothing to […]

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Teaching English in Chile: Kayla Vandervort

While many of us fantasize about what it would be like to travel to the far corners of the world, many TEFL teachers are actually doing it- and loving it! I recently had the opportunity to catch up with English Opens Doors volunteer, Kayla Vandervort, to see what her experience teaching English in Patagonia has […]

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