TEFL Destination Phuket, Thailand (1)

Best Places to Travel While Teaching Abroad in Asia  

As an English teacher in China, Brendan has been able to take advantage of one of the best aspects of teaching in this region – the accessibility of amazing travel destinations. From world-renowned beaches to modern megacities and everything in between, these are his suggestions on where to vacation when you TEFL in Asia.

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Ben, English Teacher in Nicaragua at Cerro Negro

Bridge Job Advisor, Ben, on Teaching English Online in Nicaragua

Ben, a Program and Job Advisor at BridgeTEFL, got TEFL certified in Nicaragua, with plans to teach at a language school there. But, he ended up doing things a bit differently, teaching mostly online and doing volunteer work in the community on the side. He tells us how teaching online gave him more free time and spending money so he could maximize his year in Central America. 

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English Teacher in Japan, Colleen, at Awa Odori Festival

A Teacher’s Top 5 Survival Tips for Living Abroad

Are you planning to teach English abroad? Living in another country is an amazing, life-changing experience; however, spoiler alert: it’s not always a cake walk! After living in Japan and teaching English for three years, Colleen Luckett has 5 top tips to help you survive and thrive while living your own adventure as a teacher abroad.

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Camille, a South American TEFL teacher, with her students in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Camille Turner, Globetrotting TEFL Teacher in South America

BridgeTEFL graduate, Camille Turner, has taught English abroad in France and Italy and is currently a TEFL teacher in South America. In addition to her teach-abroad experience, Camille has taught online English classes and worked with students of all ages. She discusses how she began her teaching journey and how her BridgeTEFL certification helped her […]

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English teacher in China with panda

Colombian Teacher, Carolina, in China

BridgeTEFL Photo Contest winner, Carolina, is from Bogota, Colombia and is currently an English teacher in China. She has over 16 years’ experience in education and works for a foreign language school in the Zhejiang Province. Carolina describes her time teaching English in China and how her background as a non-native English speaking teacher has […]

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Female traveler

The 10 Best Places to Teach English Abroad in 2019

Is teaching English overseas on your bucket list for 2019? If you want to see the world, make new friends, and immerse yourself in a new culture, then teaching English abroad might be the perfect job for you! Once you have your TEFL certification, your next step will be choosing a teach abroad location. Will you head […]

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Michael, teacher in Georgia, with his students

Bridge Graduate, Jacob: Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Peace Corps volunteer? We interviewed recent Bridge graduate (and Bridge photo contest winner!), Jacob Huggins, who is currently teaching English as a Peace Corps volunteer in Georgia, located in Eastern Europe, on the Black Sea. 

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BridgeTEFL 2018 Photo Contest Winners!

The results are in! Thank you to everyone who submitted beautiful, fun, and inspiring TEFL photos for a chance to win the BridgeTEFL Photo Contest. And the winners are…

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Bridge Graduate, Russell, on Teaching in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Russell Titmas is a South African consultant manager in the hospitality industry. He is currently instructing English food training at a boutique hotel in Tanzania, Africa. Here, he tells us a bit more about what it’s like to teach in Africa and what he plans to do next with his career.

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TEFL Activity: Use Emojis to Teach English

Using emojis to teach English is a great way to bring technology and a bit of fun into your EFL classroom! Students will enjoy using the familiar pictures as a way to practice their knowledge!

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