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Whether you’re new to teaching or looking to make a change, we have resources to help you start your journey teaching English abroad off on the right foot. Learn how to be a better teacher for your international students, land the teach abroad job of your dreams, and make the transition to life abroad. We’re here to help every step of the way, from TEFL/TESOL certification that will qualify you for jobs around the world to vetting TEFL employers, so you can find a legitimate job in a foreign country. Embrace the adventure. We’ll help with the rest!

Coleen, teaching in Chile as part of English Opens Doors

Teaching English in Chile vs. Korea: Guest Blog by Coleen Monroe

Teaching English in Chile vs. Korea: Guest Blog by Coleen Monroe An hour before the flight, I asked a South Korean how to open the triangle kimbap I had just purchased. In Spanish. My last act in the Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena, where I’d lived for six months teaching English in […]

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Teaching English and Learning Spanish in Chile: Thomas Heikes

Thomas Heikes is currently participating in the English Opens Doors program in the Araucania Region of Chile. I recently had the chance to catch up with him to find out a bit more about his experience learning Spanish during this program. –What was your level of Spanish when you began the English Opens Doors program? […]

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A Few Questions with Bridge Vice President, Lisa Rooney!

Are you wanting to know more about teaching abroad or launching a new career? Lisa Rooney, Vice President of Bridge, told us about her experiences getting started with teaching English as a foreign language abroad. Q: Why did you choose to go with Bridge over other providers? A: Truthfully, I chose Bridge because I had found […]

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How to Get a TEFL Job in South Korea

For this article, we reached out to a Korean teacher recruiter and asked 5 questions to get some insight into what employers are looking for in South Korea and how potential TEFL teachers can best go about finding work there. 1. The type of teaching position (private institute vs. public school) is a decision every English […]

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Get Hired in Costa Rica, Peru, or Guatemala

I have found that the most frequently asked questions from prospective TEFL teachers have to do with finding a job after becoming certified to teach. I decided to go straight to the horse’s mouth and speak with our partner schools in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru to see what they are looking for in the […]

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Lisa Rooney – Chile

Where did you teach English? I taught English at a private language institute in Santiago de Chile. My students were business people and most of my classes were held on-site at the company where they worked. It was a very professional environment. How was your teaching experience life-changing? Teaching English in Chile really did change […]

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Joshua Yardley – Germany/Indonesia

Where did you teach English? I began as a freelance teacher in Germany, based mainly in Mannheim but I worked all over the southwestern region of the country. After three and a half years, I moved back to Chicago and taught at a private language school for nearly a year, also serving as the Instructional […]

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Why I Am In Love With Teaching English in Argentina: Notes From the Field Interview With Marla McPherson.

  For many TEFL teachers, the appeal of a specific foreign country can play a large part in choosing their TEFL destination. I asked Marla McPherson, currently teaching EFL in Buenos Aires, Argentina, about her love for the country and why she chose Argentina as her TEFL destination. 1)   What do you like most about […]

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Top Three Reasons To Teach English Abroad As A Couple

This post was written by Matthew Clark In Ukraine I heard about a married American couple that had arrived together to teach English. After 3 months, they separated and moved into apartments on opposite sides of the country. I don’t know what drove them apart or what happened to them afterwards, but having lived abroad […]

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Teaching English in Japan: Catching Up with Kaye McDaniel

This post was written by Matthew Clark Kaye McDaniel was once a BridgeTEFL Bookings Advisor, a TEFLOnline guru, and an avid BridgeTEFL blogger. She worked for Bridge for over a year but left in June, 2011 to teach English in Japan. We recently had the chance to catch up with her to hear about her […]

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