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Whether you’re new to teaching or looking to make a change, we have resources to help you start your journey teaching English abroad off on the right foot. Learn how to be a better teacher for your international students, land the teach abroad job of your dreams, and make the transition to life abroad. We’re here to help every step of the way, from TEFL/TESOL certification that will qualify you for jobs around the world to vetting TEFL employers, so you can find a legitimate job in a foreign country. Embrace the adventure. We’ll help with the rest!

Moving Your Life in Two Checked Bags: What to Pack for Teaching Abroad

This post was written by Rachel Spillane. What to Pack for Teaching Abroad Whether you are going to teach English abroad for a few months, a few years, or time unknown, the thought of packing can be incredibly daunting. Before leaving for Costa Rica, I spent many a sleepless night fretting over what to take […]

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Sifting Through the Noise: How to Avoid a TEFL Scam During the Job Search

This post was written by Matthew Clark Recently, during a job advising session with one of our IDELT students, we were discussing teaching jobs in China.  This teacher-in-training had done some research, and had run smack into the hurdle that every TEFL teacher will face at some time or another.   “There are so many schools and recruiters […]

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Notes from the Field: “Chile was a great choice!”

  Greetings, faithful readers.  If you haven’t already heard, Bridge is seeking candidates for our Teach in Chile program. Our institute in Chile has become one of Santiago’s top schools for learning English, and it is certainly a hotspot for those seeking to secure their EFL certification through the IDELT program we offer there. Many of […]

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Get an International Driver’s Permit!

This post was written by Kaye McDaniel So, you are heading abroad to teach English.  Have any of your interviews included the question, “Do you have an international driver’s license?”  They might.  There are a lot of schools that will have you commuting to other areas (don’t worry, they provide a company car).  An international […]

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4 Great TEFL Blogs that We Love to Read (For Women Only)

My job is great. Mostly because one of my duties is to find blogs written by English teachers living abroad and share them with our followers on BridgeTEFL twitter. These blogs are insightful, reveal surprising cultural details that you would never learn unless going to that country, and often share teaching tips. Best of all, […]

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Kending or Bust – Cycling the East Coast of Taiwan

This Guest Post by Trey Archer, Co-Founder of Xtremetravelstories.com, was published by Kaye McDaniel. Trey Archer has been hopping across the world for years teaching English in a number of countries. Currently teaching in Taipei, Taiwan, he has gladly shared one of his most recent adventures with us. I was looking at a map of Taiwan […]

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PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT: The Truth About Teaching English in Chile

This post was written by Kaye McDaniel So, you want to teach English abroad? You’ve read all the TEFL books and brochures, scoured the internet for hours researching locations and programs, but you still have doubts, right? We asked two English teachers to share their experiences of teaching and living in Chile. Jacqueline Sedore, a 25 year-old Canadian […]

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Getting Rid of the Jitters: An EFL Teacher’s Guide to Success on the First Day

I can still remember the first day that I was introduced to my new English class, a group of 15 or so high-school students in a small town in France. I walked into the room, took one look at their curious faces, opened my mouth and nothing came out. I was stuck somewhere between not […]

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The Truth About Cats and Dogs – Taking Your Pet Overseas

This post was written by Kaye McDaniel If you’re attached to your loving fuzz ball as much as most of us are, you will probably have a hard time parting with them when heading abroad.  Fear not!  If you do you research on where you are heading and plan in advance, you can likely take your […]

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The Good, The Bad and the Bugly – Staying Healthy While Abroad

  Modern, first-world countries have made a hefty effort in the past century to thwart some of nature’s most evil of villains.  We get our required booster shots and immunizations as children, making us as safe as can be from a variety of microscopic menaces.  The worst we deal with in childhood is the chicken […]

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