Teaching English Online

Online English teaching is the fastest-growing sector in English Language Teaching. Whether you’re new to teaching and want to find out more or are an established online tutor looking for professional development, we have resources for all types of virtual EFL teachers. Learn about the skills and technology needed for the virtual classroom, online teaching salaries, job opportunities, best practices, and much more. We’ll help you successfully navigate teaching English online from home!

Teacherpreneur, Gabby, on Keeping an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Challenging Times

Gabby Torregiani, from Argentina, is many things – English teacher, teacher trainer, Bridge TEFL/TESOL course tutor, and business owner. As a teacherpreneur, with over twenty years in the field, she shares advice learned from her own experience on how to maintain an entrepreneurial mindset and seize new opportunities, even during a global crisis.

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Online Teacher Mari’s 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Teaching English Online

Experienced online English tutor, Mari, shares common mistakes teachers make in the virtual classroom an offers suggestions on how to avoid them.

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How to Teach English Online With Skype

There are many different platforms freelancers use to teach English online, but Skype remains one of the most popular choices. Learn how you can use the features on this familiar video conferencing platform to effectively teach your online classes.

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How to Make the Most Money as an Online English Teacher

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or create a full-time job opportunity, you can make great money as teaching ESL online. Online teaching companies usually offer a range of hourly pay for the teachers, and you may wonder how you can land on the high end of that. Or, if you decide to launch […]

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New to Online English Teaching? How to Handle First-Day Nerves

Calling all first-time online English teachers: here are 5 useful tips to help you calm your nerves and give your first TEFL lesson with confidence!

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7 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Get More Online English Students

Being your own boss as an online English teacher gives you total professional freedom! But it also requires hard work, including marketing yourself and finding students. Here’s how you connect with new students using social media.

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How to Create an Online Teaching Background Your Students Will Love

A creative and colorful teaching backdrop can make your online English classes much more engaging, especially for young learners. Check out these ideas that can easily turn a plain, white wall into an interactive virtual classroom.

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Pros and cons of teaching English online

Pros and Cons of Teaching English Online

Take a closer look at what makes teaching English in the virtual classroom a great job – as well as what can be challenging. Is it the right choice for you?

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Vera, ESL Teacher in Russia

Bridge Grad, Vera, from Russia, Taking English Teaching to Social Media

When she returned home from teaching English in Chile, Vera wanted to continue helping her students practice English, so she started Speaking Club, a weekly live speaking event on Instagram. She shares how she uses social media to engage current and future ESL students.

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New Online English Teacher, Sophia, Diversifying Beyond the Tourism Field

A Bridge graduate from NY, Sophia was working in the tourism industry in Paris when the global pandemic changed her plans, inspiring her to look at other job options. She chose to give online English teaching a try, getting certified and quickly landing a job with the tutoring company, Cambly.

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