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Online English teaching is the fastest-growing sector in English Language Teaching. Whether you’re new to teaching and want to find out more or are an established online tutor looking for professional development, we have resources for all types of virtual EFL teachers. Learn about the skills and technology needed for the virtual classroom, online teaching salaries, job opportunities, best practices, and much more. We’ll help you successfully navigate teaching English online from home!

volunteer teach English online

5 Organizations Where You Can Volunteer to Teach English Online

You don’t have to wait until National Volunteer Month – it’s April, by the way! – to contemplate how you can be a force for positive change in society. Thanks to the advent of virtual education, you can now volunteer to teach English online anytime and from anywhere, and you can have a powerful impact […]

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aviation English teacher in Brazil

Halan, From Brazil, Teaching Aviation English Online

Leveraging his background in aviation and his communication skills, Bridge grad Halan Bastos, from Brazil, began his own online ESL venture, in which he specializes in teaching aviation English in his home country. Read on to find out how he got started in this TEFL niche and how he has transformed the lives of many […]

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set your rates as a freelance English tutor

What Am I Worth? Setting Your Rates as a Freelance English Tutor (and Other Financial Issues)

One of the perks of running your online tutoring business is the freedom to set and scale your own hourly teaching rates. But how much should you charge students per hour so that you don’t lose potential learners or undersell yourself? Find your class pricing sweet spot as a freelancer.

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How many hours of TEFL/TESOL certification do I need

How Many Hours of TEFL/TESOL Certification Do I Need? Is 120 Enough?

Find out what you really need to qualify for jobs teaching English online or abroad and get tips for choosing the right TEFL/TESOL course for your plans.

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Skills You Need to Launch a Freelance Online English Tutoring Business

7 Non-Teaching Skills You Need to Launch a Freelance Online English Tutoring Business

From finding students and creating lessons to scheduling classes and collecting payments, starting a freelance ESL career may make you feel like you need to be a jack-of-all-trades. But there’s no need to panic! Fortunately, the business, marketing, and operational skills you need to launch a freelance online tutoring business can be learned.

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teaching English as a global language

8 Tips for Teaching English as a Global Language

With more than a billion native and non-native speakers, English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Teaching English as a global language is a practice that recognizes the characteristics that made English so widespread and prepares students to participate in this global linguistic experience by exposing them to different accents, dialects, and […]

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online ESL teacher

Beverley, From the U.K., Teaching English Online

After working at an adult education college for more than a decade, Bridge grad Beverley Dupont, from the U.K., decided to teach English online during the pandemic. Nowadays, she’s teaching for a Taiwanese EFL company while moonlighting as a biographer. She discusses how she landed a flexible job and how she’s honed her online English […]

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Comprehensive TEFL/TESOL Certification

Teach Online and Worldwide With the Comprehensive Certification Bundle

Teaching English has been redefined, becoming a blend of classroom and virtual instruction. Likewise, the future of TEFL abroad has expanded to include teaching English in the classroom as well as teaching online while traveling as a digital nomad. How can teachers prepare for these diverse opportunities? Find out.

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Creating a self intro video to teach English online

Why and How to Create a Self-Introduction Video for Teaching Online

Do you want to attract students as a freelance online English tutor? Having a professional headshot or a catchy description on your website or marketplace profile is a start, but including a fun and informative introduction video is an even better way to grab students’ attention!

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online ESL teacher with Preply

Emily, From the U.S., Teaching English Online

Inspired by her mom’s profession and a mission trip abroad, Bridge grad Emily McCray, from the U.S., switched from the retail industry to the English teaching field. Nowadays, she is teaching English online through the ESL marketplace Preply. She shares the advantages of giving classes through a marketplace, discusses her teaching niche, and talks about […]

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