Bridge Voices (Alumni Insights)

Hear from Bridge students and grads all over the globe who are fulfilling their TEFL/TESOL goals by teaching English abroad, online, and in their home countries. Find out what a day in the life is like for these English teachers, how their Bridge course has helped them achieve their teaching goals, and what their future teaching plans are. Bridge voices can be found all over the world, hear their stories today!

online ESL teacher with Preply

Emily, From the U.S., Teaching English Online

Inspired by her mom’s profession and a mission trip abroad, Bridge grad Emily McCray, from the U.S., switched from the retail industry to the English teaching field. Nowadays, she is teaching English online through the ESL marketplace Preply. She shares the advantages of giving classes through a marketplace, discusses her teaching niche, and talks about […]

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Rachel, From the U.S., Traveling Online English Teacher

Inspired by the idea of traveling and their love for world festivals, Bridge grad and blogger Rachel Story, from the U.S., and her husband took a leap to become digital nomads. As traveling online English teachers, they’ve also created their own blog, Grateful Gypsies. Rachel describes how she has thrived in the virtual ESL teaching […]

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Kim, Volunteer Online English Teacher in the U.S.

Kim Elliott volunteer-teaches through a program called CC English, which is offered by the Boulder, Colorado organization, Intercambio (a presenter at a recent BridgeUniverse Summit). We spoke with her to find out more about CC English, to learn what motivated her to become a volunteer English teacher, and to get a glimpse inside this rewarding […]

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Gustavo, English Tutor and Teacher Trainer in Rio de Janeiro

Over the course of his 16-year career in ESL, Bridge grad Gustavo Fróes, from Brazil, has grown as a teacher and an entrepreneur. He started out teaching with a school and now owns his own online English tutoring business. He’s currently working toward specializing in teacher training and developing his niche teaching medical English. Can […]

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Bridge Grad Vera, From Russia, Taking English Teaching to Social Media

When she returned home from teaching English in Chile, Vera wanted to continue helping her students practice English, so she started Speaking Club, a weekly live speaking event on Instagram. She shares how she uses social media to engage current and future ESL students.

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Ken, From the U.S., Teaching English Online in Colombia

Stemming from his passion for learning languages, Bridge IDELTOnline™️ grad Ken Haile, from the U.S., decided to teach English in retirement six years ago. After having worked in the tech industry, he moved to Colombia where he now works as an independent English teacher. How did he prepare himself to teach ESL abroad and what […]

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Nkwa, From Trinidad and Tobago, Teaching English Online

The pandemic has given Bridge grad Nkwa, from Trinidad and Tobago, a window of opportunity to make a career switch to online English teaching. Currently, she specializes in giving Business English classes to professionals in Chile. She was happy to share with us her experience with teaching students in the corporate world and the rewarding […]

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Margaret, From the U.S., Teaching English Online

Having worked in various sectors throughout her career, such as publishing and tech, Bridge grad Margaret Jones, from the U.S., leveraged her English and computer programming skills to embark on a journey in online English teaching. As a freelance ESL teacher, she has created a website to facilitate her students’ learning and to provide fellow […]

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Rock-Country Artist Anthony Tullo, From Canada, on His Latest Pursuit: Teaching English

With several albums, films, and awards under his belt, Canadian rock country artist and actor Anthony Tullo has made a name for himself both onstage and onscreen. Now, he’s amplifying his skills in a different way by becoming an online English teacher. We interviewed him on why he decided to venture down this new path […]

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Margarida, Online English Tutor and Digital Nomad, Currently in Croatia

Settling down in one place has never been an option for Bridge grad Margarida Coelho, from Portugal, since she quit her cruise ship stint a year ago. A digital nomad, she’s currently running her own freelance online English teaching business while exploring Europe. Read on to find out more about her adventure and her tips […]

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