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Online learning has become extremely popular in recent years, and online TEFL courses (also called TESOL) are no exception. In fact, more people are earning their certification to teach English via online courses than in traditional classrooms. And why not? Comprehensive online TEFL/TESOL training like the 120-hour BridgeTEFL Master Certificate is a flexible and affordable option that will lead to teaching jobs in countries around the globe.

Are you considering this type of online TESOL certification yourself? Hear what real TEFL BridgeTEFL online course graduates have to say about their experience with the online course — from how it helped them and what surprised them, to what they plan to do with the certification.

How did the course help you?


Having studied the TEFL course online has assisted me in various ways, my understanding of ESL has improved and my techniques as an ESL teacher have enhanced exponentially. Having said that, I do feel that this course has given me a different understanding to look at a lesson plan, classroom management or teaching as a whole. – Abhishek, Teacher in Hong Kong

My biggest weakness is creating useful lesson plans. Before taking this course I had never constructed a lesson plan but now I am confident I can do it and do it well. -Nicholas, Teacher in China

What surprised you about the course?


I was surprised at the level of detail the lesson plans required and how little I remembered about the names and minute details of grammar rules I learned as a child. That is absolutely one section that I will be reviewing on my own time since grammar provides the basis for a solid understanding of any language. -Courtney

What do you plan to do with your certification?

Now that I have finished my program I will be able to start working full time with a school in my area based in China. China requires all foreign teachers to complete the program before they get a work visa from the government. Despite the TEFL being a requirement, I was surprised by the amount of information I learned, the course was very enlightening!



I am not exactly sure what my plans are now that I´ve completed my TEFL course. I have one foot still in the corporate world and one foot wanting to go abroad. Becoming a teacher has always been a dream of mine and I can honestly say I feel a big sense of comfort knowing that I have the ability, if I choose to exercise it, to go anywhere in the world and teach.




I have already been hired as a teacher in Korea and will be happy to tell them that I have completed this course.  – Erin, Teacher in South Korea

You’ve heard from the students – now hear from Marisa, a BridgeTEFL online course trainer! 

May 12, 2016