Colby, Online ESL Teacher in China

Confessions of an Online English Teacher

Colby Charles is currently teaching ESL in China in the classroom by day, and online in the evenings and on weekends.  With a background in finance and a passion for travel, Colby tells us how teaching English abroad, and especially teaching English online, has turned out to be his “best life decision to date and has opened a world of opportunities.”

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Digital Nomad English Teacher, Jay, in Portugal

Teaching English Online from Portugal: Digital Nomad, Jay

Experienced teacher, Jay, shares his experience switching careers from finance to education, and how BridgeTEFL certification led him to his current position as a digital nomad English teacher on the beaches of Portugal. 

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A young English teacher teaches English online from home after school.

FAQs: How to Teach English Online from Home

Working from home, making your own schedule, meeting different people around the world – there are so many things to love about teaching English online! Get answers to the most common questions about this growing TEFL field.

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How to Teach Online – Should I Work for a Company or for Myself?

One of the best things about teaching online is that it’s so flexible; it can be full-time or part-time, you can be a new or experienced teacher, and you can work from anywhere! You can even choose if you want to work for a company or start your own tutoring business!

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Teacher with TEFL Resume

Do I Need a “TEFL Resume”?

When completing your TEFL certification or applying for teaching jobs, you may have run across references to a “TEFL resume.” Is this different from a standard resume? And do you need one?

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Ben Dailey, teaching English online

Job Advisor, Ben, on How to Get an Online Teaching Job

Ben, an International Program and Job Advisor at BridgeTEFL in Denver, has taught English abroad in Nicaragua and taught online. We asked him to share some tips from his own experience to help others who are interested in getting a job teaching English online. 

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Ben, English Teacher in Nicaragua at Cerro Negro

Bridge Job Advisor, Ben, on Teaching English Online in Nicaragua

Ben, a Program and Job Advisor at BridgeTEFL, got TEFL certified in Nicaragua, with plans to teach at a language school there. But, he ended up doing things a bit differently, teaching mostly online and doing volunteer work in the community on the side. He tells us how teaching online gave him more free time and spending money so he could maximize his year in Central America. 

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TEFL Teacher in China

Are There TEFL Opportunities for Non-Native English Speakers?

Are you interested in a career in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) but you speak a first language other than English? You may be wondering if there are TEFL opportunities for non-native English speakers like you.

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Sid, teacher in Chile

Meet Sid, Bridge Grad Teaching English in Chile and Online

Coming from India, ESL teacher and Bridge IDELT graduate, Siddhartha Bhattacharya, has been an English teacher in Chile for three years now. Here, he shares his journey into traveling and teaching English in the classroom and online- all from the perspective of being a non-native English speaker.

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Rachel teaching online in Mexico

Digital Nomad, Rachel, Describes Teaching Online with VIPKID

Bridge graduate, Rachel Story, has been teaching, traveling, and living around the world with her husband Sasha since 2010, and is currently in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, teaching English online. Rachel tells us all about her job with the popular online tutoring company, VIPKID, which allows her to teach ESL from her laptop and live as a digital nomad.

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